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Intermediate Knitting

For those of us in the middle

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This is a community for knitters who are at the intermediate level. Not really interested in beginner questions anymore? Not as advanced or experienced as your grandma? This is the place for you.

Other great knitting communities are:

Please feel free to email me (lallabelle at livejournal dot com) if you want links added.

I've created this community because I wanted a safe space for intermediate level knitters. The posts will be unmoderated, and the atmosphere in here should be pretty relaxed. No matter what, we're all able to learn something new from people who are at a different skill level than us. But, it can get kind of old when we're faced with such questions that all new knitters ask (you know what they are!). Where does that leave us? In the middle! We're experienced, but still learning. And we should be proud that we've come this far!

I must insist that posts that are mean spirited or just plain rude will not be tolerated. Drama in knitting groups is very counter productive and makes livejournal a lot less fun. There's no need to make fun of someone because they have different tastes than you, there's no need to make a snarky comment just because something is so obvious to you and not to the poster-- just ignore that kind of stuff. You don't need the stress! And plus it takes time away from your knitting.

Also, of course, no spammers or trolls, and please think twice before you try and sell something you've knitted to a bunch of people who know how to knit. :D